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About us

Welcome to AIJLS,

The Asian International Japanese Language school is established with the aim of accepting talented international  students who wish to learn Japanese, providing Japanese language education, contributing to  the development of the local community, and creating a society where Japanese and foreigners  can live together in harmony. With the educational philosophy of "contributing to the local  community by nurturing human resources who can speak Japanese," we are working daily to  achieve the following three educational goals: 


Train students to have a high level of Japanese language ability to enter universities,  vocational schools and begin their professional lives.


Support students to develop their autonomy and achieve their career and self-fulfillment.


Create opportunities for interaction and solidarity with the local community so that  students can participate and play an active role as a member of society.

Our Teachers and Staff are all trained and qualified in the techniques of Japanese Language Teaching. 

Our principal, Mr. Hironori Matsumoto is a specialist with a master's degree in Japanese language education, our teachers are trained and qualified in the techniques of Japanese language teaching. Not only are there experienced teachers, but there is a good balance of men and women of all ages.  In addition, our schools have staff members who are able to provide assistance in foreign languages. We provide extensive support not only in the classroom but also in your daily life.

We are located just 40 minutes either side of the beautiful Kyoto and the bustling Osaka City.

And just a short trip from Kobe, Nara and the beautiful Biwako Valley.

AIJLS is based in Yawata City, a small but calm and safe town surrounded by nature, and conveniently located within the immediate vicinity of supermarkets, convenience stores, and drugstores, making it an easy place to live. If you're choosing to accommodate with us, please see the accommodations page for more information.

Facilities and equipment.

We have two classrooms seating up to 20 students each, a library, a cafeteria, a study room, and a school infirmary. The library and  study room can be used freely during school hours. Classrooms are equipped with projectors  and high-quality lessons are conducted using ICT. Teachers and staff are always available in  the office, so feel free to drop in if you have any questions or need advice.

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