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"We are dedicated to supporting and processing your visa applications with ease, ensuring your placement in our school. "

Visa assisted Japanese Language study

Those who wish to enroll in our school can obtain a Student Visa (status of residence "Student"). Our professional staff will apply for the Certificate of Eligibility to the Immigration Services Agency of Japan on your behalf. The competent government office for this school is the Osaka Immigration Bureau. If you are already in Japan with a valid  status of residence other than "Student" and wish to enroll in the school, please contact us.

Steps to Admission - A timeline

JLPT N1 (2 year course)
JLPT N2 (1.5 year course)
Learning Japanese
150 hours or more, N5 and above
150 hours or more, N5 and above
Document Preparation & Application
Late August - Late October
Late February - Late April
Entrance examination & Interview
Any time after application
Any time after application
Send immigration application documents
After acceptance - Early November
After acceptance - Early May
COE Application
Mid-Late November
Late May - Early June
Result of COE application to Immigration
Late February
Late August
Remittance of tuition and other fees
Late February- Early March
Late August - Early September
Receive COE from us
After confirming remittance of fees
After confirming the remittance of fees
Visa Application at Embassy
Early-mid March
Early-mid September
Entry & Admission

Visa fees

Visa fees are 100% included in your tuition and fees. Each course page contains a 'tuition and fees' section outlining the details. Choose your course of interest below to view them: 

Ready to Enrol?

Congratulations for taking the first step towards your future in Japan. Head to the admissions page to fill out the initial application forms and make an appointment with our team.

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