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Affordable, Visa Assisted Japanese Language Study in Kyoto/Osaka.

Accepting Enrolments October 2024

Welcome to AIJLS,

The Asian International Japanese Language school is established with the aim of accepting talented international  students who wish to learn Japanese, providing Japanese language education, contributing to  the development of the local community, and creating a society where Japanese and foreigners  can live together in harmony. With the educational philosophy of "contributing to the local  community by nurturing human resources who can speak Japanese," we are working daily to  achieve the following three educational goals. Come and study Japanese and begin your Japanese life with us!

Affordable, in-depth Japanese Language study in Kyoto/Osaka. 

Here at the Asian International Japanese Language School, we offer a Two-Year College Preparatory Course and a One-and-a-half-Year College  Preparatory Course. Both courses offer four 45-minute classes every day from Monday to  Friday, and students study Japanese language and culture with the aim of entering a university  or vocational school. Each of these courses will have you on your way to starting your future life in Japan. 


Two Year College Prep

This course is designed to help students pass JLPT N1 in two years for the  purpose of entering universities or vocational schools. Students begin at the Beginner I level  and work their way up to the Advanced II level.

Fast tracked college prep

This course is designed to help students pass JLPT N2 in 1.5 years for the  purpose of entering universities or vocational schools. Students begin at the Beginner I level  and continue on to the Intermediate III level.

We are dedicated to supporting and processing your visa applications with ease, ensuring your placement in our school. 

Visa assisted Japanese Language study

Those who wish to enroll in our school can obtain a Student Visa (status of residence "Student"). Our professional staff will apply for the Certificate of Eligibility to the Immigration Services Agency of Japan on your behalf. The competent government office for this school is the Osaka Immigration Bureau. If you are already in Japan with a valid  status of residence other than "Student" and wish to enroll in the school, please contact us.


Fast turnaround

Our partnership allows us to push your application through so you can find out your results and prepare for the move to Japan as quickly as possible.


No hidden fees

We don't make a profit from your visa fees, all of your fees are transparent and delivered directly to our agent.


Student Support

Our dedicated support team are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have and to keep you updated on the application progress.

"Our goals are to create a society where Japanese and foreigners can live together in harmony."

We provide affordable, subsidised accommodation

Moving to a new country isn't always easy, there's a lot of challenges to face and that's why we're there to help you get settled in. 

Enjoying a Cup of Coffee

Private Lodging

Private Lodging

If you're a person who enjoys their own space we will help you to find somewhere for you to make home for your time here. Get away from the crowds and study in your own time.

Shared Lodging

Build instant friendships with students from all over the globe, share your experiences and your home and save yourself some money to explore Japan. 


Dive right in to a Japanese lifestyle and stay with one of our trusted Japanese families who will open their homes to you and give you a true cultural experience.


accepting enrolments

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